Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage is a vital piece of revenue generation for the hospitality industry. As the eating culture slowly set in with the general population willing to spend on luxury food and entertainment, hoteliers are trying to differentiate themselves through their food menu and beverage offerings. The trends of hoteliers setting up unique bars and restaurants with creative dining options is on the rise.

While the traditional banquets and events offers great opportunity to generate revenue, hoteliers are starting to understand the importance of emphasizing their bars and restaurants, which will be able to supplement a portion of the income, providing the management of the F&B is expertly handled. Hence, third party management companies are increasingly being engaged by hoteliers to manage their backend processes such as procurement and their F&B projects. The management of such backend process is often ridden with complexities because of the diverse nature. The need of such third-party management company will greatly generate results due to their specialized expertise to drive the outcome.

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