Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Hotel engineering maintenance and repair teams are arguably among the most critical employees necessary for a property to remain in business. Without them, amenities and services would inevitably cease to function, and guest dissatisfaction would certainly lead to a significant drop in future bookings. Yet as a department tasked with replacing or updating equipment, hotel maintenance can produce considerable costs for property leadership. In addition, while often overburdened with a long list of daily tasks and responsibilities, maintenance employees are increasingly under pressure to complete assignments quickly to ensure guest satisfaction is not affected.

We believe, the most prevalent challenge hotel engineering is currently facing; is to change the way hotel facilities are being maintained. From less efficient and most costly Reactive (“break down” or “run to failure”) to Preventative (“interval based”) maintenance, and further to Predictive (“condition based”) and Proactive (correct the root causes of failure and avoid breakdowns caused by underlying equipment conditions) approach.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort” - John Ruskin

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