Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation

For the last decades, it’s been a major focus on reduction of utilities consumption including electricity, water and gas from small to giant enterprises. The major driving factor for it is unavoidable cost increase for consumed utilities due to limited planet natural resources, such as oil, coal, gas and wood. At the same time, society worldwide has realised the negative greenhouse gas emission effect on the planet following increased demand for energy in various human activity sectors. The bigger the organisation, the bigger emphasis it puts on assuring the shareholders on its sustainable commitment.


Government of some developed countries including Australia and Singapore has developed incentive contribution schemes to encourage building Owners and Tenants to introduce and implement sustainable initiatives.


Our clients are often confused with a question “where to start” with variety of options on the market. First of all, the detailed assessment of the estate needs to be conducted to prioritise suitable solutions.


Although, lighting replacement on LED type is a great energy saving option, some people mistakenly believe that this is the major (if not the only one) option to preserve energy. However, statistical facts reflect that lighting is only contributing from 10% to 20% from the total energy consumption of a typical hotel or commercial office building. The major consumer of electricity remains with HVAC system including chilled water supply equipment. HVAC system usually consumes from 55%-65% of the total spent.


The current investment options to upgrade plant and equipment on more sustainable options can be generally estimated as:

- Short term ROI (less than a year) –                20% of total savings

- Medium term ROI (1-3 years) –                      30% of total savings

- Long term ROI (more than 3 years) –            50% of total savings.


There are other options on the market known as “Zero Upfront Capital Cost” to the Owner. They usually deploy a model of partnership with a third party investing into the project with a percentage of shared benefits to the Owner.


LINQ PS is always here to assist you with an optimum solution depending on your business needs.

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