Cost Reduction Analysis

Reducing cost is fundamental to procurement. The process involves the interpretation, analysis & visualisation of data to find the superlative price for any expense required by the client. LINQ procurement services has access to extensive, constantly evolving databases, that contains a vast volume of prices on a diverse number of Services, Equipment, Beverages & Food. These databases contain spend information from numerous countries where we currently operate or plan on working in the future.
To optimize our results in reducing cost we implement advanced data-analytics software to interpret, analyse and visualise the information contained within our databases. This enables us to make precise, informed decisions on how to maximise savings and reduce spend. In reducing the cost, we strictly follow a critical component of our principle of operation; to ensure that the cost reduction does not come at the expense of quality. To promote and uphold high standards of quality, LINQ Procurement Services universalise acceptable standards that are endorsed by current and future suppliers prior to commencing or continuing to conduct business with them.
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